Ritual Talismans

Talisman & Sigil workshop with Emily Kell

May 21, 2022

12 PM - 3PM

Ritual Talismans is an art ritual/ workshop in which each participant will leave with a set of meaningful sigils to keep as a reminder of their path.

Recipients will receive new insights on how to make sigils, and how to work with creativity in a ritualistic and intentional way. We will be focusing on themes of expansion and contraction, grief and gratitude, and will hold the intention to honor our stories’ unfolding throughout this process. Small magic and deep feels abound.


About Emily Kell

Emily is a Boulder, Colorado based artist whose artistic focus is on portraiture and paintings that have an emotional and empowering element to them. Her artwork takes root in ideals of the divine feminine, in the transmutative power of shadow work, and in the mystical realms. In her artwork and in life, she celebrates the spiritual journey of the human family, the sacred Mysteries, and the country of dreams.

Through her artwork and poetry, Emily endeavors to explore the space between the worlds, and to bring symbolic entities through and onto canvas. For the past decade, Emily has been painting women whom she has a personal connection to, in the hopes to reflect what she knows of their being through the lens of archetype. Emily shares much of her own personal experience of the human journey by way of her poetry, which is written throughout her paintings in a language of her creation. It is her hope that these pieces serve as windows into subconscious realms, and as talismans of cathartic reflection for the viewer.

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